Company Profile

MG Furniture was established in 2009, we specialize in manufacturing children's bed with the combination of metal and particle board. All of our products are fully knock-down and ready to be assembled furniture for export market only. We have designers with more than 10 years of experience on designing beds with a dedicated R&D team to develop our bedding line and all our designs also fulfill Bunk Safety Regulation for each country all over the world.

MG Furniture adheres strongly to its brand identity by producing easy-to-assemble mechanism and stackable furniture pieces both made that packed with style, uniqueness and creativity.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Ch'ng Chen Mong is a man who has a great passion for children's bedroom. He has dedicated his whole life studying on the most efficient way to manufacture children's bedroom in term of quality, cost and design. He is an expert in the production and process arrangement and this lead to every of the production to complete on time based on the schedule and he has consistently without fail to push up the production capacity.

He is extremely particular about the quality of our products and our quality of product improves intensely under his leadership. With his great leadership and brilliant direction, he has successfully managed to steer the company to a greater height.


To be a reliable and top supplier of children furniture worldwide

  • To provide value added product at competitive price for customer satisfaction
  • To have a strong research and development (R&D) team to design new and innovative product
  • To be a leading player in the kids furniture manufacturer market
  • To supply our customers with top quality and innovative products at reasonable cost, in line with the nation’s furniture safety regulation


We can basically design any children's bed within your imagination. With our dedicated and experienced staffs working around the clock to meet your requirements, you will be assured that you will have a breath taking design, regulation compliance products and rock solid structure with top quality production.

Our Story

MG Furniture is a “Bunk Specialist” and is a well established children's bed manufacturing company in Malaysia. All of our staffs are professionally trained and has experience in children's furniture for more than a decade.

When we first started back in 2009, we started with just 20 employees, working out of a small amount of production. After going through a lot of challenges and few years later, our company grow drastically and now we have more than over 200 employees now.

With our great passion, undying dedication and determination to produce the best children's bed, our business managed to produce and ship an average of 40 containers monthly and we are growing with an average of 25% increase of revenue each year.

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